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April 4, 2021
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September 11, 2016


Branding | Art

The innovative Esports tournament platform

Glitch is private product idea of a gaming platform redefining how esports fans compete and spectate online. Designed for both players and spectators, Glitch focuses on ensuring security of gaming profiles and winning, and synthesising the viewing experience with heat of the action.


Phase 1: The big idea is to imagine the future version of augmented reality - manipulating multiple viewports.

Phase 2: Taking a twist of cartoon drawing, the concept drawings are simplied to a playful character in different forms of a "plane" - symbolising a display screen.

Phase 3: Finalising the form of logomark and exploring the logotype design.

Phase 4: Clearance, colours and other applications.

Bonus illustration!

Just digitalising one of the concept drawings which my client and I really like :)