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April 24, 2016
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April 29, 2015


Branding | UXUI

Shop Around the World Like a Local

AirShopper is a shopping platform that connects consumers to more than 200 verified professional shopper from the overseas.

It was so fun to work on this project that I did the branding visuals, a suite of digital, non-digital marketing materials i.e. Facebook ads creatives, standee, flyer prints; and the UXUI of the mobile app.


Mobile App Experience

To encourage a buyer-shopper interchangeable experience, the app allows users to make and take shopping orders in one single app.

For the buyer's experience, there are a few key screens share typical product and categories listing layout as common FMCG apps. Once buyers eye on an item, they jump right onto a private chat with the shopper, instead of a typical cart experience. The order status will be actively updated by the shopper.

Brand visuals and marketing assets

The design work includes the AirShopper logo (logomark with hand-written logotype), illustration set and other brand fundamentals. These visuals are translated into stationery items, such as roll-up banner, packaging materials, canvassing flyers and souvenirs; as well as different types of Facebook ads creatives.

Check AirShopper's Facebook page

Rubber Block Printmaking

Sizes of products being sold on AirShopper could vary from a 5cm cosmetic product to a 1m tall lego set.

Using this simple block printing technique, we could easily handcraft a limited quantity of 80 bags for each size in a week.