January 26, 2016

Microsoft Partner@MS App


Official mobile app for Microsoft Partners in APAC

Partner@MS app will enhance your Microsoft experience, through receiving updates on the latest Microsoft Offers, Events, special highlights and more, for your selected market in APAC.

Our team at 2359 Media is responsible for the design and mobile development across iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The latter was not the design language system that we were familiar with, hence adopting it intuitively and consistently across these platform had become the key challenge for us.

Onboarding & Account Login

As a registered business partner of Microsoft, user can login with their MPNID that tights to a region their business is located. User would choose to browse any region of content by changing their MPNID region set as default.

Windows iconic index model

Besides, the tap-to-jump index model is another iconic interaction shown across the Windows native apps. User tap on the labels on a list view that normally represents alphabetical initials or categories, to call out the index screen that allows them to navigate to another label quickly.


Bohemian Sketch, Zeplin, Flinto for Mac