January 26, 2016
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March 11, 2015



Nutritious Snack for Babies

Jambu is a local brand founded by two Singaporean ladies that manufactures healthy and organic frizz-dried snack from fresh fruits for crawlers. The products are getting ready to launch in the Singapore market and are going to be priced rather affordably as compared to other competitors imported from Australia or the United States.

The branding design included the visceral deliverables such as logo, illustration, stationery sets and concepts for product packaging.


Sunny Melts


29 April, 2015

Logo, colours and typography

The logomark is formed by the image of a jambu mother feeding her child. While the logotype, American Typewritter, is a style of typeface created in 1974 by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan for International Typeface Corporation based on the form and monospaced feature of the early Shole's patent of the typewriter.


Illustrations and patterns

Each fruit has its own set of illustration painted in water-color. Mix-and-match the illustrations would form combinations of patten which is feasible for the packaging design.

Other stationery design

The branding visuals are easily adaptive to generates a wide range of various stationery deliverables, such as brochure, namecard, paper cup, letterhead etc.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, Bruches, Paints and Paper