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April 24, 2016
JAMBU Branding
April 29, 2015


Branding | UXUI

Shop Around the World Like a Local

AirShopper is a shopping platform on mobile that connects consumers to more than 200 verified overseas professional buyers.

Provided a full fetch of design work that covers UXUI design for the App on iOS and Andoird, branding, a series of stationery set and various online-offline marketing materials.

Mobile App Design

Ensuring a continual shopping experience and building a parallel seller-buyer platform in a single app, are the key challenges of the interface and experience design.

For instance, users can complete the entire purchase from making order to settling payment within 4 screens, by getting rid of the conventional cart checking out process in most of the e-commerce services.


Bonus Feature Ta-da!

By introducing the AirShopper Genie feature, the App allows users to submit their shopping wishes, so as to avoid an interruptive shopping expereience. As a bonus, the marketing team found this Genie bringing great value in engaging the customers as well.

Rubber Block Printmaking

Sizes of products being sold on AirShopper could vary from a 5cm cosmetic product to a 1m tall lego set.

Using this simple block printing technique, we could easily handcraft a limited quantity of 80 bags for each size in a week.


Bohemian Sketch, Zeplin, Flinto for Mac


Facebook, Strikingly, Shopify, html & css


Adobe Sketch on iPad Pro

stationry set.

Adobe Illustrator, printmaking