A designer born and bred in Hong Kong, currently based in Singapore.


Jowin Tam

In my 5 years of experience in UXUI design at 2359 Media, I've worked with banking, medical, telco corporates, startups and government sectors to ideate, prototype and visualise various types of digital solution with the clients, project management and software engineering teams.

I was also entrusted the task of leading a team of 5 young and talented designers based in Singapore and Vietnam. My missions for the team included establishing a scalable design process, house-keeping hygiene at work and encouraging sustainable growth of individuals.

Outside of work, I am an enthusiast in LEGO, photography and data analytics. The latest is not directly related to my design profession that makes my friends wonder why would I be interested in the area. This brings me to a quote (let me be a bit cliche to say..) "I have no talent. I am only passionately curious." Therefore, my curiosity drives my interest in discovering behavioural patterns of human beings and societies, through data analytics.

  • Nov 2016

    Tan Tock Seng Hospital Training Application
  • Jul 2016

    2359 Media Rebranding
  • Nov 2015

    Microsoft Partner Mobile Application
  • May 2015

    AR Experience Design, Singapore International Festival of Arts: 15 Stations
  • Apr 2015

    FOX Sports Play Digital Platform
  • Apr 2014

    HungryGoWhere Malaysia
  • Oct 2013

    DBS Paylah Application Interface Design
  • Jun 2013

  • Aug 2012

I have no talent. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein